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        New Collection

        Focus on the development and production of environmentally friendly products, contributing to the low carbon life of all mankind

        • TPU Fine-Drawn Silking Film
          TPU Fine-Drawn Silking Film

          In August 2018
          Product Features: Tpu Fine-Drawn Silking Film Has A Soft Surface And Good Resilience. It Has A Feeling Of Pu Leather
          Uses: Luggage And Bags, Furniture And Home Decoration

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        • TPU Film Release Paper
          TPU Film Release Paper

          In June 2018, Tpu Film With Release Paper And Tpu Film With Pet Film
          Product Features: Very Good Flatness
          Application: Tpu Film Adhesive Or Printing, Electronic Industry

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        • High Elastic TPU Film
          High Elastic TPU Film

          High-Elastic TPU Film In July 2018
          Product Features: Very Good Flexibility, No Deformation, Can Do Surface Texture, Biocompatibility Requirements, Skin Friendly
          USES: Medical Consumables, Clothing Accessories

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        • Smooth TPU Film
          Smooth TPU Film

          In May 2018, A Smooth TPU Film Was Developed Successfully
          Features: Smooth Surface, Comfortable Contact With Skin, Biocompatible
          Main Applications: Medical Consumables For Skin Contact, Outdoor Sports Products

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