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        Company News

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        TPU Film

        Release Date:2018-10-26 15:02:40 Views:1116    

        TPU Film - There are common difficulties in China

        Poor equipment, low quality of raw materials and additives cause the following problems:

        1. Difficult processing and unstable products;

        2. Add plasticizer (belongs to environmental hormones, disrupting human endocrine, may cause reproductive system abnormalities, and even cause teratogenic, cancer risk), the purpose is to reduce the viscosity, hardness, molecular weight and easy processing, will lead to membrane catalysis, odor, oil spitting;

        3. Poor control of crystal point and water ripple. High-end film will also add PE or PET or release paper to ensure the film clean, dust.

        Development direction:

        High quality -- stable quality

        Rich variety -- high-end waterproof and moisture permeable, anti - uv non - yellowing, ultra -- transparent without crystal point

        Various specifications -- ultra-thin and multi-color TPU film

        Physical improvement.